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About Us

The Original, Organic Coffee Scrub.

TheCoffeeScrub was founded with a defiant and result-driven mindset and an eminent purpose: to offer natural skin care products that work, at a revolutionary price, while leading the way for environmentally conscious skin care brands.

Like many businesses, theirs started with a problem. Over 75 million Americans suffer from some sort of skin care problem. The most common type? Acne. And they knew what this problem felt like, first hand. Speeding countless hours researching remedies and spending entire paychecks on products that never lived up to their claims.

It turns out there was a simple anecdote that had been right under their noses all along.

That simple anecdote? Coffee.

As the old saying goes, if you want it done right, you gotta do it yourself.

Fast forward to 2 years of testing in the lab with different coffee types, nutrients, vitamins, and oils... the company was born in Los Angeles. From their parent’s garage to helping people worldwide, their story has just started. Oh and that acne? Cleared.



We believe everyone has the right to feel good in their own skin (literally), and we’re on a mission to make that happen. All you need is a little coffee.

Think of me as the protector, the fixer, and the beautifier of your sensitive skin. I’m filled with antioxidants which help neutralize the effects of aging, and prevent drying, dead skin. I exfoliate your skin to help remove residual dirt, and give you a fresher, sexier, younger, and more moisturized appearance. Goodbye cellulite, hello sexy skin.

I’m made with organic coffee beans, to take care of both you and the environment. Because there’s no harsh chemicals involved, I leave you looking healthier and more vibrant than ever before. Other exfoliates use harsh chemicals and acidic properties that may harm your skin and possibly your health.

Allow the Original Coffee Scrub to help you on your voyage to sexier skin. Please send all inquiries to

Amazing Coffee Scrub
It was absolutely amazing, and works unbelievably fast! The first application I noticed my stretch marks were smoother! This is a must buy!!
Kiasia G.
I love the coffee scrub. It makes my skin feel amazing. I have told everyone about it. I will continue to buy coffee scrub and recommend it to all my friends!
Alexandra M.
#1 Coffee Scrub - I love it!
It makes your skin feel amazing, I believe the hype that I was seeing before! It doesn't leave a strong coffee smell after your shower, but you can Definitely smell it on you (just the right amount to where it won't bother you). I will be purchasing again!
Jasmine N.
The best product for cellulite ever!
I'm very thankful to a friend who recommended TheCoffeeScrub to me. It leaves my skin exfoliated and hydrated, it smells great, and it has even reduced my visible cellulitis in a week. I tried Frank's scrub but this is 10x better!
Yulia S.
The Coffee Scrub Is Amazing
I love this Scrub, your skin becomes like silk and if you have some imperfections, they will go away!
Polina P.
My Whole Body Is Soft!
I love the way it smells and after omg my whole body is soft as a baby's butt!!! Love how it feels and my skin is looking cleaner!!! Can't wait to try this scrub on ipsy!
Leonor L.
My Skin Is So Healthy!
Everybody wants that extra clean feeling and that glow when it comes to their skin. This for sure does the job with natural and harmless ingredients. It's always a pleasure ordering the coconut coffee scrub!
Brianna K.
Exfoliating Scrub
Was skeptical at first because it sounds pretty simple but I got it and loved it. I don't have breakouts but my face wasn't as smooth as normal for a while and after trying every drugstore exfoliating product there was, I came across this and decided to try it. Face looks visible smoother. Def recommend.
D'Andra W.
Worked on my dry skin :)
Loved it! Smells nice and really works on my dry skin when nothing else does.
Angela Z.
So Smoothly Satisfied
This is the best scrub I have ever spent money on. Highly recommended. Such a simple product with so many benefits. And all natural ingredients. Go buy it.
Corrine B.
Moisturized My Dry Skin
I have very very dry skin and at first I felt it burning I got a little nervous but didn't take it off I waited the five minutes like it said and when I removed it OMG my face felt so soft and moisturized I love this my face didn't feel as tight and dry as usually I'm sure if I keep using this it will help with my flaky skin!
Altagracia B.
TheCoffeeScrub Is Better Than Frank's Coffee
I loved it I still use it I want to order more it was just so great to have a bath time where I can just sit back and let the scrub take me into a deep sleep. I love it thanks so much can't wait to order more
Candice M.
Coconut Coffee Scrub = Best Coffee Scrub
I absolutely LOVED how it left my skin feeling soft. I also noticed a brighter glow to my skin. It smells amazing. I will continue to use and buy. Great product.
Kristin M.
Helped Clear Acne On My Back
I have always had very sensitive skin and have had many products break me out. I am very happy with this product and use it all over my body, it has helped clear up the acne on my back and my skin feels amazing. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants glowing radiant skin.
Amanda K.
Best Product To Moisturize My Skin
I have dry skin and after I used this enriching and wonderful product, I didn't even need moisturizer. My skin was soft for days. Plus, it's a very fun activity to do with a partner :)
Sarah C.
Best Scrub I Have Ever Tried!
Best scrub I've ever used!! after you use it, your skin is so unbelievably soft. I usually have some rough spots of skin but after one use they're already soft. recommend to everyone!!! This is better than all the other coffee scrubs.
Carissa S.
My Face Is Fresh And Glowing!
I noticed a difference in my skin after the second use!

My face was glowing and fresh looking

Thanks so much Coffee scrub, will be ordering again soon

Kris P.
Natural Ingredients = Coffee Scrub
So refreshing to try a product that you can pronounce all of the ingredients. Love how soft my skin felt afterwards! Recommend it to everyone!! They should definitely have this treatment at a spa!
Diana L.
Stretch marks treatment
So far I've used it 3 times and i feel and see a difference on my stretch marks.
Michelle R.
Organic Scrub That Helps Exfoliate??
I'm an avid coffee drinker, so when I read up on a coffee scrub, I figured why not?? I read all the reviews and found that it was a hit and decided to order one. This product was outstanding! I loved the smell, the exfoliation, and the super soft skin I had afterwards. I know my skins imperfections will gradually disappear. So buying again!
Melanie J.
I Finally Got That 'Glow'
I've never tried a coffee scrub before but I am so glad I gave it a shot. Way more comes in the bag than I expected and it leaves me skin feeling flawless. I am obsessed. Ivery never experienced the 'glow' after using Beauty products, but this has made me a believer lol. My boyfriend even uses it now! And we just bought two to give out as christmas gifts this year.
Gabbie B.
My Skin Is Super Smooth!
I'm not a fan of coffee but I loved this scrub! I think this is better than Franks Coffee Scrub. One thing I loved about it was that it leaves your skin super smooth and gives you that extra glow. Perfect for dry skin, like me. I personally don't even apply body lotion when I use it. Have no need!
Nikaury P.
The coffee scrub is natural and amazing!
When I got out off the shower after using the coffee scrub, I felt like such a flawless b***h. I appreciate everything about the product! Thank you TheCoffeeScrub for such a perfect product!
Pierre B.
Best Scrub Ever
I do highly recommend this scrub, it makes your skin feel softer than a baby. I had rough skin and was wondering what would fix and after using it twice, I saw a difference in my skin. It was lighter and softer.
Kailtyn J.
My Coffee Scrub Experience
I absolutely love my coffee scrub, my skin is amazingly soft after using it. I will most definitely be shopping with you guys again!
Jada D.
Helped Reduce My Stretch Marks
I'm in LOVE with the coffee scrub. First time using it my skin felt amazing. I noticed my stretch marks looked less visible and I will forever be a loyal customer.
Lucille B.
Most amazing coffee scrub ever
This scrub is amazing omfg it makes my skin feel so soft and it smells amazing haha. It basically makes your skin look and feel 100x better.
Aliza A.
Heavenly Scrub!
This tops all scrubs! It smells so good and exfoliates real well leaving skin so smooth. This product has made it to my don't touch or I'll kick your butt part of my heart. Lol. I love this product!
Alyssa H.
Best skin softener ever!!
INSTANTLY noticed how soft it made my skin within barely five minutes of applying it in the shower! Definitely will be ordering more soon.
Asia C.
Exfoliates, Softens And Evens Out Color!
I am absolutely in love with the Coffee Scrub! Your skin fells brand new. It evens out color, exfoliates and it smells amazing. After only two or three scrubs you can see a noticeable difference. I tried other scrubs but I liked TheCoffeeScrub because of the organic coffee and natural ingredients, it has absolutely no chemicals! How cool is that?!
Chelsea M.


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