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Few seasons bring in fresh new energy quite like springtime! With the colder, darker months of winter finally behind us, spring is an ideal time to get outside, breathe in the aroma of fresh flowers, and feel the sunshine on your skin.
If you’re someone who likes to keep up with the latest skincare trends, you may have heard all the buzz in recent years about dry brushing.

On social media, plenty of bloggers and beauty experts have been talking up the purported benefits of dry brushing for skin health and overall wellness.

You’ve heard about skincare must-dos, but what about the must-don’ts? 


These days there’s a lot of well-meaning advice making the rounds in beauty land, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t report that not all of what you hear is rooted in actual skincare science. In order to help you avoid a complexion compromising mistake, here are a few skincare don’ts we’d like to impart:

With crisp days upon us, most of us may feel like we’re prepared for the fall season the second we throw on our first cozy sweater, or scarf.

However, for anyone looking to hold on to that summertime radiance, a few extra steps may be in order. Let’s talk about a few beauty and skincare must-dos for autumn:

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