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With crisp days upon us, most of us may feel like we’re prepared for the fall season the second we throw on our first cozy sweater, or scarf.

However, for anyone looking to hold on to that summertime radiance, a few extra steps may be in order. Let’s talk about a few beauty and skincare must-dos for autumn:
Summer brings a variety of celebrations. With weddings, birthdays, and bachelorette parties, there is always a need to find the perfect gift for the special babe in your life. That’s why we created the ultimate summer gift guide! This guide includes our summer must-have items for every age, price range, and occasion. 
Ready to build a skincare routine that gets results? We’re here to help! Take our quiz to discover your unique skin type and then keep reading to find our go-to product recommendations. 
If you love a good scrub, you probably know all about the benefits of exfoliation. But, not all scrubs are created equal! The benefits of your favorite scrub will vary quite a bit, depending on the type of base exfoliant. From salt, to sugar, microbeads, and more, you have many options to choose from. But which is best? The answer might surprise you!

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