June 2 2021

You Won’t Need a Coffee Scrub DIY Option After Reading This

We all want to look and feel our best. Beauty radiates from the inside out, and that comes from feeling great about the skincare products we choose.

How many times have you seen a recipe for an easy DIY body scrub that promises to give you stellar results with minimal effort, only to discover it was messy and definitely not fool-proof?

We’ve all been there—

The good news is that we have the Coffee Body Scrubyou’ve been waiting for. Coffee isn’t just good for your mind. It’s great for your skin!

Caffeine contains antioxidants that offer incredible benefits to your skin. They actually help neutralize the effects of aging by reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and cellulite.

Consequently, if you’re not exfoliating regularly, bacteria could be trapped below layers of dead skin cells, leading to breakouts and a sallow complexion.

Furthermore, it can cause body acne and pore inflammation.
However, the key to healthy skin is encouraging cell turnover, which reveals fresh, new skin underneath.

Our Coffee Scrub is a natural skincare product you can use with confidence because we’ve done the hard work for you. Simply follow us on the journey to gorgeous skin where we share our secrets, such as:

  • Why you want to avoid DIY beauty recipes
  • Is a coffee scrub good for your face?
  • The simple recipe for glowing skin

Let’s spill the beans...

Why You Want To Avoid DIY Beauty Recipes

Some exfoliants can actually be detrimental to your skin, and you might not even know it. Some use harsh chemicals that are dangerous to both your skin and our environment.

We only use the highest quality organic coffee beans. That means our scrub is safe for you and the world we live in.

The real downside of a homemade coffee scrub recipe is that it doesn’t contain preservatives. Meaning it could be harboring bacteria and lead to both infections and breakouts.

For example, using ingredients like raw eggs can contain harmful bacteria like salmonella.

In addition, it’s important to avoid using exfoliants with microbeads and jagged edges such as ground shells that can cause microscopic cuts and lead to irritation as well as infections.

The caffeic acid and trigonelline in coffee has inhibitory effects against the growth of bacteria and microorganisms. Our scrub also comes in super-fine granules, ensuring it is gentle enough for your skin.

There are some best practices you can follow if you opt for homemade exfoliants, but getting them right can be tricky, not to mention a hassle.
It’s always best to go for professionally made formulations for best results while ensuring your safety. 

How Long Does a Homemade Coffee Scrub Last?

If prepared and stored properly, homemade scrubs should last approximately two months. However, there’s a lot of prep time involved for a proper DIY coffee scrub recipe.

Used coffee grounds must be thoroughly dried out before you begin mixing them with other ingredients to make a scrub. It’s a messy process because they need to be dried either in the sun or a low-temperature oven.

If they aren’t completely dried out, the coffee can turn moldy.

No thanks…

A better option is to choose professional, ready-made products that are safe for your skin. All of our Coffee Body Scrubs are 100% organic, cruelty-free, and vegan.

You can use our products with confidence to reduce the appearance of cellulite, even out skin tone, and restore your skin’s supple texture with no guilt.

Is A Coffee Scrub Good For Your Face?

The goal of a good exfoliating scrub is to assist your body with its natural exfoliation process, whereby dead skin cells are removed to reveal radiant skin beneath the surface.

Our Coffee Scrub for your face will give you a whole new reason to love coffee. Not only will it leave your skin silky smooth, but it also minimizes the appearance of pores.

There are significant benefits to using Coffee Scrubs on your face. While it stimulates your blood circulation and reduces puffiness, it also evens out skin tone.

You must get rid of bacteria trapped beneath the pores to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as dark spots and age spots.

What Does a Coffee Scrub do?

Antioxidants found in coffee soften stretch marks, reduce acne and unclog pores, allowing your skincare products to deeply penetrate, making them more effective.

The most important job of our Coffee Scrub is to reveal the youthful, vibrant, and sexy skin that’s been hidden for too long.

Our luxurious Coffee Scrubs are perfect for every skin type. Some of our favorites are:

  • Rose Coffee
  • Mocha Coffee
  • Coconut Coffee
  • Vanilla Coffee

The Simple Recipe For Glowing Skin

Let’s be honest. This is the only skin you’ve got, and it’s got to last a lifetime. With all of the pollutants and free radicals you face each day, it’s important you make your skin a priority.

Establishing healthy routines for your skin starts with exfoliating on a weekly basis. We recommend exfoliating 2-3 times per week to achieve and maintain a beautiful, youthful glow.

Our scent combos soften skin and leave it hydrated. You won’t believe the results.

What is The Best Method of Exfoliation to Get Maximum Benefits?

We recommend:

  • Always start with clean, damp skin & use 2 handfuls of The Coffee Scrub to cover your body.
  • Massage on your skin using small, circular motions, concentrating on problem areas.
  • Rinse off and wash down the drain.
  • Pat dry and apply your favorite moisturizer to seal in the dewy softness.

You can subscribe and save by joining our Scrub Club Subscription. You can choose your favorite scent or get a new scent each month. Your skin will thank you, and you will look and feel younger and sexier than you ever thought possible.

Our coffee grounds containing a high polyphenol content combined with exfoliation are a dynamic duo that leaves your skin velvety soft, and glowing. Using our products helps prevent premature aging while providing long-lasting results.

It improves the texture of your skin and leaves you with a healthy glow. You have nothing to lose but dull, dry, unsexy skin. The road to more sexy skin starts here.

"Great buy!
Best thing ever for your whole body, makes your skin so soft."

— Yolanda Deenweed

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