Mar 18 2021

Remarkable Benefits of a Coconut Coffee Body Scrub

Are you interested in silky smooth skin?

How about maintaining a youthful appearance?

Girl, we got you.

We gals at The Coffee Scrub know how to make coconut coffee scrubs to reveal your skin at its most radiant.

In fact, two remarkable benefits of our coconut coffee scrub are silky smooth skin and the prevention of premature aging.

These effects are due to the exfoliation and polyphenol content found in coffee grounds. Along with The Coffee Scrub’s sumptuous list of skin-loving ingredients.

To start, we only include all-natural and organic ingredients in our scrubs for serious and long-lasting results.

And then we combine the ingredients into an ultra skin healing blend. Here’s a little taste of what The Coffee Scrub contains:

  • Organic coffee grounds
  • Almond oil
  • Olive oil
  • Macadamia nut oil
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Mentha aquatica
  • Cinnamon cassia essential oil
  • Glycerin
  • Vanilla
  • Water
  • Vitamin E

Plus, our products are fresh and ready-made for fast shipping. Meaning your coffee spa day and silky smooth skin are just around the corner.

So, will you enjoy the fresh scent of rose or the rich earthy smell of coffee?

Whatever your flavor, you’re setting your skin up for a deliciously fragrant success. I mean, who doesn't love the scent of fresh coffee in the morning?

Actually, we can happily indulge in the smell of coffee any time.

But back to our first remarkable benefit — velvety, soft skin.

Soft and Smooth Skin With the Lingering Scent of Coffee? Yes, Please

Soft and silky skin?

Yas, girl.

In fact, a high-quality coffee scrub can leave your skin much softer than it's been in years.

But how does a coconut coffee scrub provide you with silky smooth results?

Well, it all comes down to the main two components of the scrub — exfoliation and moisturization.

First, let’s dive into how a coconut coffee scrub provides exfoliation for the skin and what the results are like.

Exfoliate Your Skin With Organic Coffee Grounds

To start, a coffee body scrub is made up of exactly what you'd think — coffee.

Well, coffee grounds, to be precise.

With proper grinding, coffee grounds make for a fantastic exfoliant for the skin because of their tiny, coarse nature.

So, when used as a body scrub, coffee grounds work to unclog oily pores and clear away dead skin cells.

Which allows the fresh, new layers of skin to shine without being bogged down.

And there are multiple benefits of newly cleansed and exfoliated skin, such as:

  • Cleared-up acne and acne prevention
  • Reduced appearance of cellulite and dimples
  • Soft, smooth skin

Because coffee grounds significantly unclog dirty and oily pores, they can also help to reduce acne.

Plus, the antioxidants and chlorogenic acid in coffee reduce inflammation and redness associated with acne.

And the removal of dead skin cells helps the skin appear much more even and smooth.

As a result, your skin will feel smooth and soft to the touch.

But it's important to note that after exfoliating, you must moisturize. 

Moisturization Protects and Nourishes Freshly Exfoliated Skin

Along with coffee grounds, nourishing oils are a key ingredient in our coconut coffee scrub.

And as you might already know, oils are widely accepted for their skin hydrating and moisturizing properties.

Thus, a coconut coffee scrub can protect and nourish your skin while exfoliating it to ensure instant hydration.

Plus, if you use a high-quality coffee scrub such as The Coffee Scrub, you will benefit from several oils that boost hydration to reveal beautiful-looking skin.

For example, The Coffee Scrub contains the following oils and their associated benefits:

  • Grapeseed oil: tightens, strengthens, and helps to firm the skin.
  • Olive oil: protects skin from environmental irritants and moisturizes without clogging pores. 
  • Almond oil: rids your skin of scars and stretch marks.
  • Macadamia nut oil: builds strong, flawless skin and delays early aging.
  • Cinnamon cassia essential oil: relieves achy joints and stress.

Amazing, right?

Here’s what a few of our happy customers are saying about The Coffee Scrub:

Highly Caffeinated Reviews

“I love this stuff! I found it through Ipsy, and now I use it 2-3 times a week and it leaves my skin so soft. Highly recommend it.”

“I love this scrub, it leaves my skin so soft & energized. The scent is wonderful, it's like showering I'm a fresh brewed coffee pot.”

“Awesome!!! Love how it smells and how it makes my skin feel!!!”

“I have very reactive skin due to a rare disease, and this scrub has saved my skin while living in the Arctic! Best scrub I’ve ever used in my 40 years! Thank you!!!!”

But The Coffee Scrub doesn't stop there.

We’ve enhanced our coconut coffee scrubs with powerful anti-aging ingredients. 

The Coffee Scrub is the Ultimate Anti-Aging Formula

The Coffee Scrub contains multiple ingredients that combat early aging — from fine lines to UV damage.

And two very important anti-aging ingredients included in The Coffee Scrub are organic coffee grounds and glycerin.

Let’s begin with the polyphenols within coffee, which protect the skin from environmental irritants and UV damage.

Polyphenols in Coffee Grounds Protect You and Your Skin

Unfortunately, environmental irritants and UV damage produce high levels of free radicals.

And free radicals are unstable atoms that can damage your skin and cause early aging.

But the polyphenols within coffee grounds target free radicals and eliminate them by conducting an H-atom transfer.

Thus, polyphenols can protect your skin from further unnecessary damage by eliminating free radicals from your body and skin.

And with The Coffee Scrub, you don't just get polyphenols to combat early aging.

Next up, we’ve got glycerin — a valuable combatant of aging.

The All-Natural and Antimicrobial Preservative: Glycerin

Not only is glycerin a powerful and all-natural preservative, but it also contains antimicrobial properties.

This means when you scrub with glycerin, you will remove any bacteria or fungi on your skin. Leaving you with fresh, clean, and newly revived skin.

Plus, glycerin contains exfoliating properties along with coffee grounds that guide new skin cells to the surface for a fresh face.

Okay, are you ready for some more ultra caffeinated reviews from our happy customers?

Forget That OGX Coconut Coffee Scrub; The Coffee Scrub Has Hundreds of Five-Star Reviews

“I'm in love with this product. I use it all over and my skin feels amazing. Hands down the best body scrub I've ever used. I live in a high altitude dry environment + i have thyroid issues so my skin can get very dull & dry. After my 1st use I noticed a huge difference.”

“I originally tried a sample of the rose coffee scrub from Ipsy. I couldn’t believe how amazing my skin felt afterwards! It was so unbelievably soft! I bought 2 full size bags, 1 of the rose and 1 of the coconut. I suffer from kp on my arms and this scrub has helped so much with it. The redness and bumps are nearly gone. I’ve been using this product for about a month now, scrubbing twice a week. Definitely would recommend!”

“This is by far the best product I’ve used to try to eliminate my stretch marks and hyperpigmentation.”

Our Customers Get Remarkable Results From The Coffee Scrub — So Will You

If you’re ready for incredibly smooth and velvety soft skin…

If you want to firm your skin and encourage a youthful appearance...

Then ladies, what are you waiting for?

The next step to the skin of your dreams is the coconut coffee scrub from The Coffee Scrub.

Remember all the amazing benefits, including:

  • Super soft skin
  • Strong and healthy skin
  • Protection from UV damage and irritants
  • Delaying unnecessary aging
  • Scar healing
  • Stress prevention

That’s a pretty appealing list of pros...

Just take a look at our reviews, they speak for us.

So, which will you choose for your new coffee-infused beauty product? One of our many delicious-smelling coffee scrubs?

Or an invigorating bar of soap that also smells amazing?

In fact, The Coffee Baris just as skin healing and rejuvenating as our scrubs.

So, take your pick. Either way, girlfriend — you’ll be happy with the results.

Plus, if you’re in the US, you’re in luck. We’re offering free shippingon orders over $40 for a limited time. 

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