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5 Tips for Smooth Winter Skin

WINTER IS COMING... and you know what that means — dry, cracked, and irritated skin is
coming, too. But we’ve got good news for you: it doesn’t have to be like this. It IS possible to maintain your smooth skin and sexy shine throughout the bitter cold months. Follow these simple tips and the only thing you’ll have to worry about this winter is where to find cute rainboots.

Use​ ​protection.
The skin kind (and the other kinds, too)! But what we’re talking about here is sunscreen. Winter sunshine can be just as damaging as summer sunshine, so it’s important to protect your skin just as you would during a day at the beach.

Make​ ​some​ ​masks!
Homemade face masks are life savers during the winter. Pro tip: use moisturizing ingredients
such as olive, almond, avocado, honey and jojoba oils, and aloe. Mix your favorites together,
apply to your skin, and leave it for 10-30 minutes.

As​ ​always,​ ​exfoliate.
Yes, we say this in almost every blog... but only because it’s THAT important! Dead skin cells
don’t go away during the winter — unless you exfoliate. Pay close attention to your face, feet and hands, as these areas suffer the most from winter conditions. Helpful tip: wear gloves when you go outside to help decrease the dryness in your hands.

Avoid​ ​hot​ ​baths.
We know these are super tempting on those cold nights and mornings, but for the sake of your skin, avoid hot baths. Lukewarm baths for are okay, just don’t overdo it by staying in too long.

Moisturize.​ ​A​ ​lot.
It might seem obvious that if you want to avoid dry skin, you must moisturize. While that’s
definitely true, what really matters is the type of moisturizer that you’re using. Use a
moisturizer that is oil-based, rather than water-based. Oil-based moisturizers add a protective layer on the skin that maximizes the amount of moisture your skin retains. Pro tip: “night creams” are usually oil-based.

Get yourself a humidifier for your office and/or home — they’re great for adding moisture to
dry places.

Stay moisturized and hydrated this winter, babes. Drink some hot cocoa, build an igloo, splash in rain puddles. We’ll see you on the other (sunny) side!

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