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2018 Skin Care Goals (And How To Stick To Them)

Hey, babes! We’re three weeks into 2018, which means it’s a pretty appropriate time to ask all of you out there: how are your New Year's resolutions coming along? Have your early morning gym sessions been feeling more routine? Are those raw veggies actually starting to taste delicious? Has your skin been thanking you for all the love you’ve been showing it?

Here at TheCoffeeScrub, we’re putting skin care in the forefront for 2018. As a little boost of encouragement, we thought we’d share our 2018 #SkinCareGoals and how we plan on sticking to them.

1. More Sleep
Why? Lack of sleep leads to your body producing an excess amount of a hormone
called cortisol, which can break down collagen (the protein that keeps your skin
smooth and elastic).

How? Set a goal for 7-8 hours of sleep a night, and plan your personal/professional to-do list around those hours. AND (you knew this was coming) spend less time on social media and more time GETTING.SH*T.DONE. Most importantly, reduce (or completely cut out) your evening screen time, as it’s said to sabotage your quality of sleep.

2. Less Stress
Why? It should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: too much stress is a body’s NIGHTMARE. It causes your body to make a specific hormone, which releases more oil and leads to those nasty stress breakouts.

How? Stress is (unfortunately), an inevitable part of life. While there isn’t an end-all
be-all solution to making stress completely disappear, there are a few tricks to
managing it. Find something that helps you relax your mind and body (weight lifting, boxing, yoga, meditation), talk to a friend about whatever it is that is stressing you out, and last but certainly not least, go easy on yourself.

3. More Water
Why? Water helps your skin replenish tissue and elasticity, which helps fight off
wrinkles and unwanted lines. How? Reusable water bottles are the JAM! Carrying one around everywhere you go will help you stay hydrated (and waste less plastic).

4. Less Alcohol
Why? But seriously, WHY?! Consuming alcohol in excessive amounts can lead to
dehydration, inflammation, discoloration, sagging, and more.

How? If you’re a frequent drinker, start off slow. Limit yourself to one or two drinks per week. Then try to limit yourself to just a few drinks per month. It’ll get easier with time, and the benefits that you’ll see (not only with your skin) will encourage you to keep it going.

5. Exfoliation!
Why? Exfoliating dry skin cells 1) leaves your face looking and feeling smooth 2)
minimizes pores 3) reduces acne 4) allows for absorption of other products 5) hides wrinkles... Should we keep going?

How? TheCoffeeScrub, a few times a week. That’s how ;)

Whatever your 2018 #SkinCareGoals are, keep at them! We’ve got your back, babes.



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