Lainey Berlin - Dec 02 2020

Self Care During the Holidays

As we head into the holiday season everything might look or feel a bit different than they have in the past and there are valid reasons for that. Let’s face it, 2020 was NOT it. From a global pandemic, racial unrest, an election year, to the constant news cycle and information infiltrating our daily lives, 2020 has not been easy for anyone. With the surge of stress and anxiety comes a desperate need for self care and love for your mind, your body, and your skin!

In the past, self care might’ve looked like manicures and massages, but now, more than ever, self care has become a fundamental part of simply surviving. It's easy to subscribe to the monotonous daily routine of waking up, drinking coffee, working, and going back to bed, only to do the whole thing over again the next day. Confined by the walls of your own home, it's also easy to feel stuck, unproductive, overwhelmed or unmotivated to do even the simplest of tasks like brushing your teeth or eating a healthy meal. We get it. We are right there with you, and that’s why we’ve compiled a list of not only self care tips for your mind, but your skin too!

Jot it down!

Pull out that old pink diary with a locket on the cover from under your bed, or get yourself a crisp new journal and start jotting down your thoughts and feelings. One of the first steps to taking care of yourself is figuring out and accepting where you are at, mentally. Take some time to let your mind breathe!

Routine Refresh

With the constant change this past year has brought, it’s difficult to stick to a routine, let alone, have any routine at all. By adding structure to your daily schedule, you will not only be more productive, but you’ll feel better doing what needs to be done. Whether this looks like waking up an extra hour earlier to read and drink coffee before work or going for a walk on your lunch break, these small changes will add a sense of normalcy to the very abnormal situation that we are in. Set structure and stick to it!

Stay Connected

Not getting to see friends and family as often as we used to it can be easy to detach and disconnect from those vital relationships. As the holidays approach, make sure to take the time to reach out to those you love. Whether you’re on FaceTime or getting some real face time, enjoy the people in your life!

Grab your mug and unplug!

In this digital age, the technological resources we have are both a blessing and a curse. In terms of staying connected, our devices have allowed us to keep in touch with friends, work from home, and stay up to date. However, it is important to step away from the screens and allow yourself to sit apart from the stress. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and divulge in a good book or a new hobby!

Back to the basics

Breaking it down to the basics of self care looks a lot like an average list of New Year’s resolutions. Don’t be quick to dismiss the basic steps for bettering yourself. Get outside. Eat a healthy meal. Drink tons of water. Get some rest. All of these things combine to make not only a healthy lifestyle but a healthy body!

Don’t skip on skin care!

Like we mentioned earlier, self care used to mean manicures and massages. Although that may not seem like a priority right now, girl, you deserve it! As important as it is to protect your mind, it is crucial that you take care of what protects your body… your skin! With the winter months approaching, our skin begins to chap and crack due to the lack of moisture and humidity in the air. Surprise! We have just the right solution for you. The Coffee Scrub is grounded on organic ingredients and oils to combat dry skin and provide a fresh and revitalizing glow to get you through the holiday season.

Keep it together, ladies! As the year slowly comes to a close, let’s finish strong together, mug in hand. Take care of yourself and those around you and scrub away the stress with The Coffee Scrub. 

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