Mar 1 2021

How to Avoid the Mess of a Coffee Body Scrub DIY

It's happened to all of us coffee-lovers…

Your alarm clock goes off at 7:00 am and you stumble across the kitchen to the coffee maker.

In fact, the promise of coffee was the only thing that motivated you to get out of bed.

But as you're loading the machine up with coffee grounds, it happens...

Somehow, you’ve managed to spill your coffee grounds and now they’re everywhere.

As a matter of fact, you’ll probably be finding coffee grounds randomly throughout your kitchen for the next week.

And to be honest, we’ve done this in pursuit of our 5:00 pm pick-me-up as well — not just while we’re half asleep in the morning.

Because it only takes one slip up for the coffee grounds to be chaotically splattered across the room. We’re sorry to break the news to you gals…

But there is no way around the mess of a DIY coffee scrub recipe.

So, let’s face it — coffee grounds are prone to spilling and creating a mess.

But as if that weren’t enough, there’s a high coconut oil content in nearly every coffee body scrub recipe.

And coconut oil might be the one thing that's even messier than coffee grounds.

So, save yourself the stress and mess of an at-home coffee body scrub recipe and allow us professionals to make the coffee scrub for you.

This means that all you have to worry about is embracing the flawless and glowing skin  only a coffee body scrub can deliver.

In fact, a professional coffee scrub such as The Coffee Scrub can bring about incredible skin benefits. For example:

  • Clean and refreshed skin
  • Decreased acne and inflammation
  • Skin detoxing
  • Decreased appearance of cellulite
  • Moisturization without clogging pores
  • Reversed environmental damage
  • Removal of dead skin cells

But just in case you still think a homemade coffee body scrub is a good idea, let’s dive a little deeper into why we don't suggest making your own coffee scrub.

Forget That Pinterest DIY Coconut Oil/Coffee Body Scrub Recipe

There’s no way around it, ladies — a homemade coffee scrub can and will make a mess in your kitchen (or wherever you're making it).

As a coffee lover, you know that coffee grounds spill easily. And when they do spill, they get everywhere — across the counter, floor, and under the stove.

And now your quick clean-up has turned into a 25-minute clean-up that includes pulling out the vacuum hose.

But that's not the only messy ingredient you’ll be dealing with. In fact, oil is a crucial component in coffee body scrub recipes.

And ladies, we know you’ve spilled oil a time or two…

Hey, no judgment here! We have too.

That said, we know all about spilled oil. And we also understand that no one wants to deal with the impossible mess it creates.

And you don't even have to spill the oil to create a slippery mess on all your utensils and bowls. All you have to do is use it, and it gets everywhere.

So, save yourself from coffee grounds spilled across your floor and melted coconut oil dripping down your counters. Your future self will thank you.

Plus, there are more reasons why you shouldn't make coffee scrubs at home. For example, a homemade coffee body scrub can:

  • Create microtears in your skin if not ground properly.
  • Be expensive, especially when using high-quality ingredients.
  • Take a lot of time to find and incorporate skin-boosting ingredients.
  • Often include harsh scrubbing agents like salt and sugar.
  • Develop mold quickly.

As you can see, many things can go wrong with a DIY coffee scrub recipe performed at home.

A Professional Coffee Scrub Will Make Your Skin Appear Flawless

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not against DIY beauty projects!

But in the case of a DIY coffee scrub recipe, we highly recommend that you stick with a professional-made shower scrub like The Coffee Scrub.

Because when you let the professionals do their job, you have absolutely no mess to clean up.

Just enjoy and flaunt the benefits — no strings attached.

And while we stated the reasons above as to why you shouldn't use coffee scrubs made at home — allow us to share some reasons why you should use a professionally-made coffee scrub.

For example, a professionally made coffee scrub is ideal for your skin because:

  • The coffee has been properly ground to prevent microtears.
  • The coffee scrub has been tested to ensure the safety of your skin.

And when you use The Coffee Scrub, there are additional benefits to be had:

  • Enjoy high-quality ingredients without having to source them yourself.
  • Regenerate your skin from the use of a natural preservative called glycerin.
  • Each ingredient is chosen for its unique benefits and properties.

Actually, there’s a whole lot more we can say about why you should invest in a bag of The Coffee Scrub.

The Coffee Body Scrub Is a High-Quality Face and Body Scrub

Don't be tempted by the myriad DIY beauty scrubs promoted over social media.

Rest assured, you have found the best coffee scrub out there.

But you may be wondering why The Coffee Scrub is the highest quality body scrub.

Well, there are several reasons. But let's start with the fact that we pride ourselves on using organic and natural ingredients.

The Coffee Body Scrub Uses Organic Coffee and Natural Ingredients — And Nothing Else

Organic coffee beans exfoliate your dead skin cells and provide the base for the coffee scrub.

And yes, using organic coffee is necessary.

Because when coffee beans are grown inorganically, they are smothered in pesticides from the start of the growing process until they are harvested.

Plus, inorganic coffee is usually covered in preservatives to extend its shelf life.

This means that all the pesticides and preservatives will absorb into the skin along with the beneficial components.

On the other hand, if organic coffee is used, only the beneficial properties of the coffee grounds will be absorbed into the skin. Organic grounds used as a coffee scrub can:

  • Brush away dead skin cells and unclog pores.
  • Break down fatty tissue and toxins.
  • Target and eliminate free radicals.
  • Reduce inflammation.

And because The Coffee Scrub uses several other natural ingredients, there are more benefits to be had along with the benefits of the coffee itself.

Additional Ingredients in The Coffee Body Scrub Can Improve Your Complexion

The Coffee Scrub doesn't stop at organic coffee grounds.

In fact, we choose only the best and most natural ingredients available to make your skin look healthy and youthful. For example, The Coffee Scrub contains:

  • Almond oil
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Olive oil
  • Macadamia nut oil
  • Cinnamon cassia essential oil

By applying these oils to the skin, these are the improvements your skin stands to gain:

  • Proper hydration improves dryness
  • Reversed skin damage
  • Prevention of environmental irritants
  • Reduced acne and breakouts
  • Strengthening of the skin's elasticity
  • Enhanced skin cell activity
  • Relief of achy joints and stress

The additional ingredients inside The Coffee Scrub aid our organic coffee grounds in delivering flawless and healthy skin.

So, you have nothing to lose except dead skin cells and clogged pores.

The Coffee Scrub Leaves You With No Mess and All the Benefits

We already know you love coffee like us.

But now that the horror story of a DIY coffee scrub recipe is fresh in your mind, we can trust you’re not crazy enough to try it.

Although that doesn't mean we recommend giving up on coffee scrubs and pursuing your skin goals.

In fact, we highly recommend The Coffee Scrub as your caffeinated face and body scrub.

However, The Coffee Bar offers benefits identical to the scrub. The only difference is, The Coffee Bar is a bar of soap packed with exfoliating coffee grounds.

And for more caffeine and coffee scrub talk, check out our website and click on the blog section.

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